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Good art, but...

I don't really see the point of this. There's no story or interactivity other than changing the images... Have I missed something?

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Sound is an issue

The animation was pretty good, and the sound effects fitted well, but it's a shame they were so low quality, kind of let the thing down, definitely made me want to quit watching it. Not that I did, still, hurt ya ears, ya know?

Anywho, pretty nice, keep up the good work :D

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Hobozarus responds:

how do i make the sounds high quality?

Keep Practicing

It was kinda creepy, but it was pretty short, the colouring and drawing lacked skill and the timing seemed a bit out at points, both in the shot timing and the individual animation actions.
First things first, work on your colouring and drawing; Johnny Utah has a video on Vimeo called "You're Dumb at Flash: How to Color like a Winner" which, despite it's name, is actually a really good guide.
Your background was lacking in detail, or more, subtlety. As for animation, try and make it a bit more fluid, and a little less jerky. The audio was also... well, lacking in quality, make sure to export properly and make sure your audio is recorded sufficiently. Finally, if your gunna use gradients, use them subtlety, by that I mean, make sure the colour difference isn't THAT great between the colours.

Anyways, good luck in the future and keep practicing! :D

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Its quite good

i believe all amazing games start with a good concept. I believe this game is has a good concept and that it can be improved so that its better. If you learn some more flash you could make it so that there's upgrades, levels and diffrent types of bad guys. If you discide to make a better version i recon it could be good

Please excuse my bad splelings
/\_/\ LOL /\_/\

P.S: The lives system works but it goes into negative numbers and it dosnt end the game if you loose all 3.

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This is an amazing song.

I'm a animation student. So far I've made a few animations, one of which won best use of sound in Animation 09, a competition run by Manchester university and MOSI. I always appreciate feedback so that I can improve my flash and make them better!

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